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After singing in the St. Sava Temple in Belgrade, organized by Festival of Planet Earth, our choir has visited Hungary from 15th to 17th February 2014. We sung in the Holy Mary’s – “Belgrade” Church in Szentendre on Sunday, the 16th, after Liturgy. On Monday, the 17th, we sung in the Church of Saint George and in the School “Nikola Tesla” in Budapest. The visit was very nice, we were very nice welcomed and everything shows that we can except to be invited again in Hungary.

On this day a former president and a great friend of our choir Miloš Pavlović, a professor of music deceased. Milos Pavlovic was also an assistant to our maestro Miladinović. In his professional career, he was director of several music schools in Belgrade and at the end of his career he worked in "Madlenianum". Let him eternal peace!

The annual assembly of the choir. Management submitted a report on the work in 2012. The report and financial report. Both reports were approved unanimously. A discussion was held guided regarding the choir's rejuvenation and admission of new members.

Our choir has signed a guest appearance in Slovenia from 26 to 28 April 2013. Concerts should be held in Maribor, Bled and Ljubljana. The program will consist of two parts: the spiritual and secular music (with madrigals), also the program will contain two compositions of Slovenian authors.

6th Music festival "Lago di Garda" - Lake Garda in Italy. Our choir participated in the sixth Lago di Garda Music Festival, organized by MRF (MuzikReisenFaszination). Three days and two performances were held in Riva del Garda (on the northern end of the lake). Again, we worthily exemplified our country, our city and our Serbian culture. In the captivating surroundings of one of the most beautiful parts of Italy, having a wonderful weather, choir members sang even on the boat during a cruise on the lake. Travel was funded by independent members of the choir and by choir's funds received from Belgrade's Secretary of Culture.