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    English translation by
    Ida Steinbach

The Belgrade Madrigalists

Music serves as a bridge between worlds and time.

Belgrade Madrigalists have been creating music for fifty years.

Its foundations are being made of Cheerful joy towards Life and Love from one side, and of spiritaul understanding of the Infinite on the other.

They are tightening the string of creation between these two extremes for fifty years. Showing that one without the other cannot be, that our existance is incomlpete without one or the other.

Madrigals and spiritual music - like two ANTIPODS, two poles on the sphere of life. The first, simple and open, born sometimes only from one din to life; they are refering to the joyfull and unburdened child, whom everyone of us carries within. Second, made of deeper understanding of the world, to which the road often leads through fear and disappointment, until repeatedly concorred, but leading to higher joy.

"Ce mois de mai" and „Ангел вопијаше” (Angel has acclaimed)- who does not know about the first, cannot hear the angels' song. One who does not know how to let go and be joyfull, cannot comprehand. One who did not fall, hardly may rise.

Belgrade Madrigalists relate to their repertoar.

They build a distinctive style consistent with the most valuable, and at the same time, most paradoxal in its doing.

The fullness of sound and complete performance is what sets them apart from others. Most deserving of it certainly is a unique composition. The peculiarity of the sound they owe to the composition of the choir. In no other choir can be found members including young and old age of adulthood.

Like the songs that they sing, the age of the madrigalist grades from dashing, reckless and impetuous youth to lived experience and calm. Doubts and suspicions of those who yet taste life and art,merged into wonderful knowledge and spirituality of those who have already passed that way.

Wandering, vivacity and charm met with confidence and the knowledge of the final. Together - they gave beauty. Rounded, shaped, complete. And so rare in everyday life. That's why every performance of the Madrigalist is special, an experience that allows us to understand that beauty is made of difference, and love of the opposite.

Music is a universal language. BELGRADE MADRIGALISTS speak it well, wherever they are: in the St. Sava temple, or in the heart of the Vatican. Comprehended by popes and patriarchs, understood by "vsi jazici" (all languages). Understood by all who listen by heart - for by heart they sing.

As a ship furrows behind, for five decades warmth and mere heartiness remains and spreads. They convey simple, clean and deep emotions like followers of Great Teachers. They use their own gift to open the doors of Art, Faith and Love to others.

Different and opposite, and yet one. It's not just choices of repertoire, it is an active and conscious choice of a lifestyle. It is an explaination to themselves and others how we are formed, and where we're headed.

BELGRADE madrigalist bring us back something that each of us, unknowingly carries. They introduce us to things for which we barely surmised their existance. They show us through their work that by daily activities one is lead to higher spheres, crossing the path of hilarity madrigal life and love, to life's higher spirituality of sacred liturgy and mass.

And all the same, every listening madrigalist is reassuring, encouraging and stimulating. BELGRADE Madrigalist, a fifty years long road sign pointing to spirituality and sense ...