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The choir Belgrade Madrigalists was established in 1951. The founder and conductor of the Choir, Bajšanski Milan, formed a new choral ensemble that has fostered a new kind of music. First of all, the repertoar contains madrigals, motets, renaissance and baroque music of English, French, Italian and German masters, spiritual compositions of domestic and foreign scholars, the national repertoire, but contemporary compositions and their modern aspirations as well.

Among other awards, the ones that particulary stand out are the first prizes won in Arec, Llangollen, Perugia, Bratislava and Brno.

During its career, the choir was directed by: Milan Bajšanski, Dimitrije Stefanovic, Svetolik Pašćan, Vojislav Ilic Dusan Miladinovic, Vladimir Milic, Aleksandar Spasic and many others. Works of Stevan Mokranjac, Cornelius Stankovic, Josif Marinkovic, Mark Tajcevic, Davorin Jenko, Jakov Gotovac, Rudolf Mac, Peter Konjovića, Isidor Bajic, Vojislav Simic, Konstantin Babic, Mihovil Logar, Stanojlo Raičić, Dusan Trbojevic, Vladimir Milosavljevic, Rajko Maksimovic, Vojislav Ilic, Milos Raičkovića, Dusan Miladinovic, Aleksandar Obradovic, Predrag Milosevic, Miloja Milojevic, Vladimir Berdović, Vojislav Simic, Milan Bajšanski, Radomir Petrovic and many other composers, were the backbone of all the choir's program but also works of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Alexander Arhangelski, Dmitry Bortnjanski, Pavel Česnokova, Alexander Gračaninov, Rodion Shchedrin, Arhangelski, Orlando di Lasa, Palestrina and many other foreign composers.

Bach's Mass-Brevis in A major was performed in two versions (organ, ie. Chamber orchestra), Bach's Christmas Cantatas, Mozart's Coronation Mass, Handle's Passion of John, Rossini's Solemn Mass, Vivaldi's "Gloria", also was performed in two versions, in cooperation with the Belgrade Philharmonic chamber Orchestra "Dusan Skovran", Normandy northern chamber Orchestra and chamber Orchestra "Pro music". At the opening of the exhibition "Art in Medieval Serbs", Belgrade Madrigalists 1970th performed in Rome for the first time. In addition to two concerts in the hall "Gonfalone" and RAI television's recording, the choir performed at St. Peter's for Pope Paul VI. The Madrigalists are the only choir that had the honor to play a concert in the great cathedral, while they sang only Orthodox religious music, which is definitely a unique curiosity.

In this exceptionally productive period Madrigalists performed in Paris, Germany, the former Soviet Union (Moscow, Leningrad, Vilnius, and Tbilsij), Belgium, Romania, the Netherlands, Denmark, Bulgaria, and at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Ohrid's summer, BEMUS, Nis choir festivals, NOMUS, Mokranjac's days, Branko's kolo (circle dance) and many other renowned festivals in the country and abroad.